When Megan was in high school, her mother was hit by a semi-truck, which resulted in restless leg syndrome, total disability and Addison’s disease — an auto-immune deficiency that requires unique treatment.
Megan graduated from Metro State College in Denver with a special education certificate and a degree in elementary education, and then moved to Britain to study at the University of Wales, Newport in Caerleon. She planned to stay and work in Britain, but her Visa fell through, and she returned to the United States.
Meanwhile, her mother’s condition had worsened and she needed more treatment. Megan was able to help take her mother to Denver for endocrinology appointments. However, she couldn’t help her mother financially, and her teaching license had expired while she was abroad.
The Marian House, part of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, was helping her mother because she was disabled, had limited income and many medical needs.
“I think they are a really great organization,” said Megan, whose full name is not being used to protect her family’s privacy.
She also knew that she needed to find employment because her mother received housing assistance for her disability and that meant Megan, a family member, couldn’t stay with her for long periods of time.
Megan said when life really gets you down, you can lose confidence, and she felt like she was at that point when she walked into Marian House to ask for help.
“One judgment can kill you,” she said. “But they are great. They are an environment without judgment.”
Marian House helped her renew her teaching certification, and Megan found a job with a temporary agency as a bookkeeper. The job is now full time.
She said she wants to help with the issues of poverty. It is not something that can be ignored because there are so many people that need help, she said. Help she and her mother found it through Marian house.
“They are a shoulder to lean on,” Megan said.